is twins effective in higher ranks

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I apologize, but this site is not for opinion based questions or discussions. Presently, all the turrets and hulls in the game are fairly well balanced, and the developers make tweaks to their parameters when a new change suddenly makes a particular turret or hull over-powered, or under-powered. If you would like to continue discussing this, I'd strongly encourage you to check this topic out: Let's discuss Twins!.
I am struggling with Twins m2 with mammoth m2 in getting xp. Do any of you have any tips as I may close that account if I can't get sufficient xp. I'm impossible in a 1v1 but Twins+Mammoth is useless against a player who has an isida right behind them >.<
Get a good trustworthy isida friend and play battles with him. :P

Then you'll be invincible.
I Have twins m1 and mammoth m1, to destroy your opponent first get a double damage, then take out the isida.... It would be easier to take it out because isida's are mostly equipped with either wasp/hornet. Also, do not let them heal any other player on your opponent team at all, then you would be completely helpless against them...I hope this would help u a lot !!

PS.... I also use Isida m2 + Hornet m2.... thats why i know about it ;)
Twins, like all weapons are always effective, at m0 to m3. The thing is finding your weapon for your play style. (Or playing the weapons style)
the twins never run out 
Depends on what you prefer. For me, yes I think it is. It has no reload, it's fast firing, and it packs a relatively good punch. But that's just me. Choose your own fighting style. :)
Yes, I see that M1 and higher is more effective than the M0
yes, because the bigger the rank is the more damage it takes of the enemy and the creators make it more effective.
Twins & a heavy hull normally do pretty well on Island, hill and other maps alike.
as other have stated, twins works best with heavy hulls like mammoth. But this combo is mostly seen on small maps such as hill and island.  Any turret is great in the right hands :D. Just pick a turret which suits you and kill em all :P
at first i thought twins weren't good because they were always m1 or worse, when i started to enounter m2, they became boss and OP. i use rail so the knockback on anything makes it hard on me, especially twins
Well Every turret has it's unique features so you have to develop your own skills with each turret with suitable hull. I myself really love m3 twins because it's awesome but if you don't have any skills then it's useless. The thing is that each turret is Awesome but you need to develop your own skills with it to make it Useful for you. Most of the time players ask us what to choose b/w the things they can afford and they are always confused b/w attacking and defending items so before making a purchase the first thing you have to decide is "What's your game play style" after you confirm that what's you game play style then give us the option you have available to purchase.

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Every weapon is good in higher ranks , but only if you use it right ;)
Every weapons are good you just need to use them well and then you will like it. :-)
Every gun is having its own pro's and cons.Its effectiveness depends upon the way how the players uses the particular turret.
For more information about twins click here
I've always found twins to be a top weapon. I still have twins M1 fully MU'ed (waiting for a sale for M2) and I have used it devastatingly against 4 star generals with mammouth in arena albeit with the odd bit of drugging. It helps to be insanely aggressive and in your face - If this is your style it may be for you. If you prefer guile and stealth - maybe not.
M1 twins and upwards are can be very effective and I always like one on my side.  I was a twins in the early days until I found what ricochet could do.  I now have to kill twins at long range, they are devastating attack machines especially if drugged or with an Izzy or with another twins.  I sometimes have to quit games if druggers turn up using them.   I recommend tankers do not use garage drugs when they are winning - to give the losing side a chance to catch up.  I agree Twins is a turret for aggressive tankers (the other aggressive choice being Hammer - but slightly less range and a bit more patience.)
yes it is
because i play and they kill me more

guys go to my topic its name is isda is good so go thare and chack it out :) + good luck
twins m2 and m3 r really effective, but m1 and m0 aint that good
Sure, it is! I play with it in the PRO- batles, and it's really good ;).
CU Waldfrucht 
I have to add my thoughts on this.
Twins A mid ranged gun as i see it is good but when you become big as in got to higher ranks,  becomes less effective in a way and effective in a way too.

Okay just think you are in a polygon battle when you are in a higher rank most of the players intend to use more defense, so they end up using hulls like dictator, mammoth or even titan so as a MU'ed twins damage is around 13-15 it will not be effective if they use heavy hulls where they will obviously use defense.

If you are in a battle with light hulls you will have a major advantage.Twins can knock off light hulls' aim easily.It will be better if it is used with a moderate hull. Hornet will be good in some ways.

i'm kuku i think this will help you out.

P.S.  Your skill is very important in this. I posted this reply aiming the tankers who are good in every gun in a way .
The best way to find out is to use the turret and determine for yourself if it matches your style. Some maps benefit some turrets over others, twins if very effective at short/medium range battle, but it all depends on the role you tend to take when in a battle; do you like to go for the flag? Do you like to defend? Do you like to provide mid-field support? The best way is to use the turret in different settings with different set-ups and see for yourself. Have fun...
Your not  Semyon Kirov, Your not part of the developers, You have the avatar of a Forum In Fringers moderator, If you were Semyon you would have the avatar of a devoloper.
some turrets are more dominant on some maps than others, but I don't think that is your problem. Each turret has it's own special feature shaft has it's scope, ricochet can... well ricochet, freeze can freeze, and so on. Same thing with twins, it has unlimited ammo. One turret isn't bad it's how you use it that is or isn't bad, for instance i'm good with fire bird but I know someone who claims that fire-bird is horrible
the answer is yes
if you hve seen godmode on playing in game
see its  Not that 1 turret is effective than other1 but all turret r if u master it , keep practicing and devolop your own strategy with our own combination

wen u r talking about twins yeah gud mid or attacwing weopon
There is no effective hull or turret. There is of course an effective player.
All the turrets and hulls are extraordinary in the right hands used in the right battle in the right map and the type of battle. Your style of play and the experience with that particular turret or hull helps a lot.
Coming to the turret of your interest, twins is really effective if you like short range to mid range style of playing irrespective of high or low ranks.  Knocks of your enemies aim and has a continuous round of fire. You just have to get closer to your enemy before you get killed.  If you know how to use this turret, you will kill a lot. (Of course you will get killed a lot too.)
To me, yes because the recoil it does on other tanks
twins are good at a high rank depending on what you use with them. if u use wasp and twins then you will die very quickly and not attack your opponent much. if you have a heavy tank like mammoth then you have more time to attack your opponent and kill them. hope this helped
I would say it is not very effective as the vulcan, despite its weaknesses, is more powerful when used correctly.
i never play with twins but i think that there is a very big advantage when playing with twins against lite hulls because it always knocks out the enemy's aim and it is specially very efective against railgun+hornet.
guys does anybody know where has the tornado kit gone???
will it ever come back???
(by the way tornado jit is hornet m1=rail m1)
wassim007 the kits switch around like every couple days it should also say it on the kit. And yes i do think you will see the kit again depending on your rank.
Tanki changes the kit 
i mean tornado kit is hornet m1+railgun m1
lol i was the 100th like
also yes they are op in higher ranks, take m1 to m0
m1 wins every time
I mainly find it useful for elevators in parkour.
I really depends on your skills. Although twins is really good in parkour ( twins elevator ).
Twins are good in DM mode but It is pretty boring to play with them 
twins is a affective turret but m0 if you are a generalisimo and you have m0 twins its not more affective but if you have m3 when generalisimo its really good
With m0 it sucks, even just at a Staff Seargent :D But at low ranks I always buy it right away as soon as I get into the battle i go into garage and buy it (kicks butt BTW)
Its good for m1
not sure about m2 or m3
I have it
I do guess it it gets more better
Combos that I like!

Twins + Mammoth
Railgun + Hornet
Thunder + Mammoth
Thunder + Hornet
Ricochet + Viking 
Railgun + Wasp
Isida + Mammoth
Isida + Hornet
Firebird + Titan
Smoky + Hornet
Freeze + Hornet

Here they are! Do you agree? Are they good combos? Let me know!


Yes and No
M1 twins and up are a very good weapon 
In a recent V-Log they mentioned that each combo is balanced so that they are all equal.
No combo give you an advantage.
This of course does not apply to every map. Shaft, Vulcan, and Railgun are the best for Monte Carlo. while Firebird, Freeze, Isida, and other short range guns work best on Island, Sandbox etc.
I have found that Railgun works in almost all situations. (Except at close range against any other gun.)
Each Gun gives you another playing style.
Find your's and go with it.
Using Twins in high ranks is effective in some ways, but not every time.  Say, if you use twins in Stadium, you will never be able to reach a very high score without being a ''drug head" with paints like Prodigi.  However, Twins is also a very effective weapon if you use it at the right map in the right time.  For example, if you use Twins with Viking M3 on Hill like I often do with a good paint it is likely that you will dominate the entire battle with a help of some drugs.  In my opinion, Twins is extremely good with medium~heavy hulls.  This is because you cannot kill enemy instantly with Twins, as it will take at least a few balls to see some damage.  With a medium hull, you will be able to have good speed with a good enough health protection that can keep you alive while you are taking seconds to destroy the enemy.  I recommend to combine Twins with medium hulls for druggers.  If you are very kind though, you may not like the way of being a "drug head''.  When you feel that way, you should take your heavy hull with Twins so that you can have chances to destroy enemy with large amount of health!
Depends on your skill and the map.


every tank in Tanki Online has its own special features. I will now go through them.
Vulcan- will self destruct if use no reload
ricochet-can bounce of walls
railgun-must heat up before shooting but can shoot at long ranged distances
firebird-can kill just by making opponent's health lower down half of its full health
shaft-has a sniping mode
hammer-has exactly 3 shots and 1 shot reduces 3 quarters or player's health
thunder-self destructs when close to object or wall but creates an explosion in 1 shot
freeze-slows down enemies while killing them
smoky-gives opponent critical damage
isida-heals team mates while getting xp and has the ability to transfer opponent's health to his/her isida.
twins-no reload at all
and...........twins also can do the awesome twins glitch that ricochet and Vulcan cannot do

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took me a long time to do this I know u will say it is too long just gimme a thumbs up and don't. thx.
It can be great for annoying people
Twins is effective at M2 & M3, although it's the most hated weapon in Tanki
I apologize, but this site is not for opinion based questions or discussions. Presently, all the turrets and hulls in the game are fairly well balanced, and the developers make tweaks to their parameters when a new change suddenly makes a particular turret or hull over-powered, or under-powered. If you would like to continue discussing this, I'd strongly encourage you to check this topic out: Let's discuss Twins!.
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