indisa life steal

chocolate_chip 6 месяцев назад • обновлен MSI (Moderator) 6 месяцев назад 1

Dear tanki online dev/creators/updators (idk)

the idnisa should have life steal, so you gain health a bit while damaging, for eample, bace can be 1 or 5% life steal, if 1 than every 5 levs it increases by 1%, but it will increce with damage, because of percent. just a idea, that is going to tip the game toward the idnisa, its hard if teammates wont stay and protect the healer, so then they get more heals, might also make more healers. don;t tip it too much, i say debuff the damage by 1% and add 1% life seal and it upgrades with mks, so ma might have 25% or 50% possibly 100% if generous, but that op so i say 25% max mk, if so just don't upgrade % with levs, because it increases with damage.

just an idea



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