What to do?

Tankodude 2 weeks ago 0

Guys. Or more appropriately, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been facing a sort of extensive problem for two months. You see, now that Tanki Online has become available mobile, I wanted to play on my iPad. However, as fortune had it, a family member of mine accidentally deleted my App Store. By, and I repeat, by total accident. They really did not mean to. I tried solving the problem by going online, to iTunes, etc, but without any result. Without an App Store, they won’t allow me to rebuy the App Store. And TankinOnline runs on Adobe Flash, which needs installed. But then I don’t have the App Store to get adobe flash. I’d be really and deeply grateful in anyone could help me with my dilemma, as to how I can get my App Store back, consequently to get Adobe flash. Thank you, and I hope to receive an answer.