Huge drop in daily mission rewards

Kelza 1 month ago 0

Hi Tankers!
My beginner's pass is over for 3 days now, like it should have (I give this information for context), but without any reason I could find, my very last set of daily missions is rewarding me less than half of what they rewarded me before.
I became Sergeant-Major a week ago, I think, and those daily mission rewards were climbing, rank after rank, and had reached a little over 500 Crystals for any crystal-rewarding mission at SergMaj rank.

And all of a sudden, after the very last server reset, my newest set of daily missions is now rewarding me 230 Crystals for the first, 287 Crystals for the 2nd, and after paying 3*230 crystal to reset the third missions 4 times (for testing purpose) I couldnt get anything better than that and I stopped at 5 mines/5 double armor reward...

So the question is : is there any decent explanation to this?
I already felt very demotivated to continue playing the game after that Beginner's Pass was over : after 20(-30?) days of playing, your upgrades are starting to reach crazy prices already, and THEN they cut all your gains by 33% to 50%...
If the daily missions are amputated of their rewards too, it will be the straw that breaks the camel's back and I'll be out :-/

Best regards to everyone,