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Missions are not Working

YoMo85 1 год назад • обновлен Sia (Administrator) 12 месяцев назад 1

I am able to view a mission and when I complete it the bar does not show that I did it and I don't get a reward. I am hoping this gets fixed because I have been playing a lot and a LONG time and haven't not been getting rewarded properly. 



It is still not showing that I completed part of the mission or the entire thing. I just captured three flags and it won't recognize and give me the 1225 crystal reward. Even bought a battle Pro pass so now I feel screwed over by your system

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To complete your mission, Kindy follow this instructions: 
1 - Click on 'Battle' located at the very top of the battle list
2 - Choose a game mode - this needs to match what your mission requires of you (unless it's boxes)
After MakingMatching places you in a battle, you should be able to complete your mission!

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