Extremely bad graphics on Tanki exe

Alutach 1 year ago updated by Sia (Administrator) 1 year ago 2

Hello. I have a problem with the graphics in Tanki exe.  First i used to play on this account till i downloaded the Tanki exe which proved to be far better than browser.  Then recently i created a new account using the tanki exe but when i played on that new account , thew graphics were terrible. But when i went back to my main acccount, the graphics is back to nromal.

Please help me with this problem. The graphics option isnt available on Tanki exe.

I reinstalled Tanki exe but same problem as before.

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The problem is solved now. I saw some with similar problem and they solved it by updating plugin and installing flash player in the computer. I did just that and reinstalled again and now i have good graphics