cannot connect to server

Annihalator1685 4 years ago • updated by dpgranger8 2 years ago 9
Cannot establish connection (host:, ports: 4444,5190,5223,5222,5050)
That's probably because your Internet connection was not fast enough to load the game. Try restarting your router and refreshing the page.
If that does not help, try clearing your browser cache or running Tanki as a separate application.

plese make tankionline work properly


I tried that and it still doesn't work

im having the same problem and I also tried those with no suscess

I tried all possible troubleshooting checked on google still facing same issue. This error is only related tankionline not with Browser. For example if its an issue with my connection settings why it is working with Internet Explorer. This error is only appearing on Firefox and not only me many users are getting same error. Cannot establish connection (host:, ports: 4444,5190,5223,5222,5050)

I cant explain the pain playing with IE browser becoz that browser has lot of lag and im unable to play and getting killed multiple times so its flustrating playing on IE . I want admins to look into this issue seriously as since this issue started Im not feeling interested to log on to tankionline. I play since 2 years and I love this game now it seems to be and end of the game for me :(.....take this seriously and do somthing as many users may be facing same issue.

maybe take a look a the firewall on your WiFi, when i set it on high it does Cannot establish connection, so if it is on high set it to normal trust me it works. if not you must a other prom

I fixed this problem on my computer!

A simple solution:

Make sure that you are on tankionline.com, and not tanki.com