How can tanks flip back once fallen topside bottom?

satishkumar001_PRO 4 years ago • updated by smartk8 8 months ago 12


It is not possible to do that, but you can press the 'Del' button to self-destruct.
It is not possible to do that, but you can press the 'Del' button to self-destruct.
Lag. Your computer/the Tanki server predict what is happening next. When you have an awful ping it's hard for your computer and the server to "talk", causing miscommunications like this. People driving through walls is another example of the same problem.
OMG!! I just witness this! his name was magra and i asked him how he could do all these flips and rolls and all this stunts with just a wasp and riccochet gun and he said he was a hacker! I should have known! I even ask him how he did it but didn't answer.
I use a Ricochet and Hornet to do flips when I jump off a platform or drive up a ramp. He probably did the same without hacking.
You can flip your tank back, with wasp and thunder, but it is very hard and you have to do this in an edge.
why can`t I access my game
If you have a gun with rebound (like the railgun, hammer or ricochet) and you are near a drop or cliff, tryng firing so your hull moves and you fall off the cliff. Usually, you land upright.
P.S. you also need a light hull

i am using a Chromebook their is no delete button. so how do I turn right side up.

You can use your turret's recoil but that doesn't work if your tank is upside-down or if your turret doesn't have recoil. In that case you have to self-destruct. To self-destruct in Chromebook press Ctrl+\

To self destruct on a Chromebook, you can either press alt+backspace. There might be some other ways but this one is what I usually use.