Tanki Online Client Loading Forever...

HumanTorch2 2 years ago updated by raveen14 1 year ago 4


The Tanki online client is not loading and is loading forever, Like i entered in the client and wrote my username and password and clicked on play then it keeps on loading and loading i tried to re-open but still the same thing its loading. I opened it again then the main chat was not coming and a loading screen was coming, I waited and saw it crashed means the whole screen was black and like this it is happening. i tried every method but still nothing is happening. Can this be fixed? Help Me!

Hi! I also have this issue. I already tried the following:

My internet is fine. Tanki Online works on my browsers and on the standalone flash player but the game lags on these platforms; that's why I use the client version. But two days ago, it started malfunctioning. Please help me.

after i clean cache i having problem  entering battels