how to write to help@tankionline ? is it normal that outbook pop out?

Howard_handsome2 3 years ago • updated by AdrianoCarvalho_BR 9 hours ago 17
why when i click help@tankionline, outbook pop out? what should i do help me please



help@tankionline.com is an email, you can write them by using any email service provider like Gmail, Outlook etc.

Outbook? Do you mean outlook?

Hi! I need some help.i unlinked my accaunt with facebook and forget my password i dont linked email to my accaunt please help get my accaunt back nickname: markusscsr

Please send an email to help@tankionline.com and tell them about your problem. After making sure the account is yours, they will set a new password.


help@tankionline.com is an email, you can write them by using any email service provider like Gmail, Outlook etc.

is there a way to change your nickname without emailing?

I need a different nickname. My markdidenko nickname is not an actual nickname.

Changing nick cost 100 000 crystals, But you need email for doing that :/

um well it would be a good thing to do changing nicknames but some peopla ACTWALLY

use there real names im tankionline!!

I keep getting KERNAL ATTACKS when I join the battle/playing field. w/ "plug in" problem or complete restart of my computer ; note: when I join battlefield immediately black flashes/boxes appear around the field. I just spent 2 hrs on the phone w/ APPLE HELP and they can't figure out why my MACBOOKPRO keeps having these problems. My flash player is up to date and all the allowing security functions are receptive/open. I was told to contact game provider. This problem started on SEPTEMBER 8, 2016. my graphics card is only at 3000 but i have never had this problem before. What do I do?

Hi guys! I want my account back, what should I do?

hey please my account band and its legend how to take it again

Hey pls help I have forgotten my password,and unfortunately my e-mail adress too,I've already wrote to help@tankionline.com,and completed the form,I got a message to my e-mail,in which appeared the already compeleted form(of course it was empty) pls help 4days ago happened it pls help me,I dont wanna start another one:(

Please write to the Help desk via this form and make sure to input all the informations required correctly and patiently wait for a reply

Olá! Saudações do Help Desk do jogo Tanki Online. 
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