Mozilla doesn't load the game. What am I supposed to do?

deadDroid 3 years ago • updated by Scientist (Administrator) 2 years ago 2 1 duplicate
When I get to the main page, the PLAY button appears. When I click on it, the loading screen appears for just a second and a small window comes up saying: Server is unavailable as it is under maintenance. But when I go back to the main the PLAY button is there and uder it is a number showing that thousands of people are playing in the moment. That happens only with Firefox, with Chrome I have no problem. I like Firefox because the gaming experience is better, so please help me.
By the way, if a photo is needed, here:


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I reinstalled the whole browser, but the problem is still there. I will try the thing with the standalone Flash Player and I will report again for the results. Thank you.
EDITED: I tried the standalone Flash Player and for now it works fine. Thank you for your help :)