What hull would go best with railgun ?

saad101 4 years ago • updated by Super_Killerking 3 years ago 12
I love railgun but i dont know what hull to use with it please tell me  :)
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I use Hornet because I take flags very fastly.
I think wasp and hornet
I think a good choice would be either Hornet or Hunter.
Thanks guys u helped lots and i got my favorite  tank to use with rail gun     Its hornet thanks guys 

hope u answer differnt question bye

No, wasp is better than hornet in almost every way.

If you have more questions of this kind, kindly ask them in the special thread on our Forum.

dictators height is a major advantage, but speed lets it down. Even though it has tough armour, i am not over-all keen on the looks

so, with a railgun, what would offer the best railgun gameplay

don't know- hornet too little hp. viking stats are good overall though

For me I use Railgun M1 paired up with Hornet M1. Actually, I like both Hornet and Wasp. I'm fine with Viking and Hunter as their armour is good. However, they are a little too slow for speed and is not a very good choice if a tanker chooses to play CTF mode and wishes to capture a flag.

But no one can really get the most perfect answer, as it depends on a tanker's liking and he or she should decide for himself/herself.