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Hello, some players just find more fun in spoiling the game by pushing or blocking their team mates, is there any way to block or report them?

Смени пожалуйста ник, т.к обзывают пукпук, на ник: 4eTKuu_4el

pozalusta razresyte mne igrat u menia byli svaravavsy etat akaunt i teper tam ban piset sto probyval vzlamat etu igru eta byl ne ja razresyte snova igrat tam ne ja ijo vzlamyval ja v etat acc 2 nedeli ne igral 

админы пж помогите меня украли акк 2 дней назад ник the_armenian_king_1 на сайте был 600000 кри и украли пж помогите и верните мой акк

у меня тоже самое 


какова хрен спиздили акк верните акк никнайм Russia_x_Russia

я не понимаю вашей логики господа разрабы почему имя недопустимо я 2 точки для красоты добавил верните мне аккаунт

если я не прав то я не понимаю что от меня требуют

я могу сменить ник но для этого надо донатить а донатить я не хочу что делать?


Hello, trying to go back playing tankionline, changed my password but can't open the game, it says..link you have passed by is corrupted..please help..Thanks..Name: bkkoo


Try repeating the process or do it in incognito mode (private browsing). If you fail to change your password after several tries, contact help@tankionline.com and ask them to change your password for you.

I was suspended from my account Keatron28699 and i don't know why. Maybe someone thinks I hacking when i got so many golds but i was using dictator


You need to contact Customer support help@tankionline.com and explain your problem in details. Read more here: How to write to TechSupport?

HEllo my friend have problem with his account his name is theprogamersk and he got a perma ban but he got for negative crystals he never use hacks and glitch, please help me why he have ban??

can someone plz help me im trying too get into my tanki account (right email and pass) but it always tells me too come too this site is there a way i can get it back?if so plz tell me i am a genral and i have worked hard on this account my name is prostork and my email is hadams04haa539@gmail.com

Помогите взломчики украли мою акк и его использваль чит и меня забанили что делать? я взял акк только что помогите его ник Taavetti майл не был

мой аккаунт Orbitium_GT заблокировали я прошу разблокируйте ево 

Помогите.меня заблокировали ошибочна .....мой ник "denisV01".......пожалуста верните(((

Мой майл: deny20027@gmail.com...верните(

HEllo my friend have problem with his account his name is theprogamersk and he got a perma ban but he got for negative crystals he never use hacks and glitch, please help me why he have ban??

Could you return paysafe card option for Greece  ?other games have this option

hello tankiolnine customer on my account gt.r.35 i changed email and password and now my account is blocked so unblock please because its my password mail irinkakorkotadze10@gmail.com so help me please

Please help me admins  i get ban on my acc name BlackNigga i was buyer i want  back this acc pls. if u want know why i got  ban here is reason listen i was in internetcaffe bcz  my comp is crashed and  in caffe i was so lagging and  i changed many time computer next i get ban please back my acc this is reason i sweear im not liar please. thanks

пожалуйста помогитее в мой сайт кто то заходит я забыла майл чтоб менять пароль что делать????

My account has been suspended while I have not done anything outside the game code. Please return my account as soon as possible


Мой аккаунт Mr.Fantastik разблокируйте пожалуйста

ребят, разбаньте плиз я больше не буду материться в чате обещаю вот ник: master_10_tankist

я не знаю кто на меня написал жалобу. Разбаньте плиз.

Давно не заходил в игру и вот решил сегодня зайти и увидел что меня взломали что делать??? Я вам по почте отправил письмо, там все я подробно все объяснил.

Мой аккаунт danat38 разблокируйте пожалуйста 

My account danat38 unlock please

почему все наши  письма игнорируете ????!!!!!!!!


пожалуйста помагити 

Hi, I played very long in online tanks and I wanted to unlock my account. Or give me about 50,000 crystals, since I donatil and played a very long time in this game. The name of my past account. The nickname is an officer. 5. Please listen to my comment. Thank you for your attention.


You need to contact Customer support help@tankionline.com .  Read more here: How to write to TechSupport?

Someone can help me, I am one of those selected to test the tanki online for mobile and I can not download the game due to lack of link in the email ... if someone knows how and where to be downloading I am grateful!

please mark the email as safe so you can open the link.

xndrum em im sayt het tveq eli sxal ban a ell yes chiter chem xndrum em 26.05.04  xndrum em axachum em pajalusta vernite moy sayt 26.05.04 pjjjj 

hi  my accanut 26.05.04 pls  help meee  unlocckk

Use this form to contact the TechSupport. Describe your problem with as many details as possible. The TechSupport will contact you by sending a message to the email address linked to your account. 

when i try to enter a battle a pop up box appears saying an error has occurred. i haven't been able to play the game for 3 days

Hi sam1966
please read this article, i hope it will help you:  I can’t enter the game / the game doesn't load

Здравствуйте,что мне делать если каждые 5 минут у меня вылетает крит помогите,как мнеиграть

Can i get unbanned my user is legeni123

If you want to know more about why you were banned, you need to send a Personal Message to one of the Battle Moderator AdministratorsChat Administrators or Forum Administrators (if the reason states (Forum)), respective to whether you have been banned for a violation in the game, in the chat or in the forum. Please understand that there can't be any public discussion of your ban in both the game chat and in the forum. You may only address such matters via a PM with the appropriate individual. The same applies if you would like to report a ban you feel was unfair.

some one broke my acc and buy m2 freeze and i dont want this freeze plz someone help me and receive my crystals  :(((((((( im so sad :( its hard for me to earn 61700 cry  :( :( now i recive acc but i dont need this freeze :@ i hope u will help me tanki online u are  my favourite game ;) im playing takionline when u create this game  soo.  plz help me 


Please help me to get rid of the 400,000 crystals and hit the area here. But I returned my home. Please feel it very difficult for me to collect so many crystals back to me and remove the m3 viking mikro upgrade


i didnt use hack and i get banned please help me



and i have some code you ve been send it to me in email i dont know what i will do with it

За что был забанян мой акаунт

COJLHblLLLKO_B_PYKAX? Снимите, пожалуйста, бан, ведь я никак не нарушила правила!!!

i need promo code with containers please


The only way to get promocodes is by winning them in special events such as community streams and contests.

за что бан я не использовал сторонние программы  верните мой аккаунт обратно