Halloween missions returning on Saturday

speedracer410 3 years ago • updated by Sia (Administrator) 3 years ago 2

I was 85% complete on a 9K crystal special mission when they were pulled? Will those be restored with the return of the missions on Saturday? Will I be at the same 85% complete on the mission that I was on the when they were pulled? If not is will I be compensated for the wasted supplies?



Unfortunately the response didn't address my concern about lost supplies or putting me back to where I was prior to the special missions being pulled. So based upon the non-answer to any of my 3 questions, I guess I'm stuck guessing that it's no...

Satisfaction mark by speedracer410 3 years ago

Sadly the answer is no, your progress will not be returned. It was a mistake in the developers side and to make it up to all those who suffered because of this incident they decided to bring back the Halloween festivities and map to the came for an extra 24 hours on Saturday just so you can have a go at it again.