Server Maintenance

COOLMOTION03 4 years ago • updated by GENERAL_H_A_M_Z_A_9 2 years ago 18
It says the servers are under maintenance but under play it says 80 694 players are playing. Could you please help!!
This must be a bug. Please take a screen shot and post it here: Bugs & glitches.
i have the same problem sombody please help!

Try refreshing the page and go to another server.
im having the say problem
help me

I can't go onto another server

Yes same problem with me too since last 2 days.

when will be the maintenance be over


Servers restart daily at 2:00 UTC+0. There is no maintenance going around right now.

I am having problems too it says online player 36,000 but if I click Play it starts to load but it loads one time and then it says maintence break please give me an ansewer

People I'm with say it is tanki's sever, but it works on some computers.

i cant get in even after trying a new server

is it under maintenance rn?


Servers are working fine, check your internet connection, restart your router and try to go game again.

The same problem has occurred with me since yesterday (12+ hours). please help

when i tried loading tanki there wasnt even a green button saying "play"

Can you please take a screenshot and post it here, so I would be able to help you.