Someone is hacking into my account

Jdawg_Gaming 3 years ago • updated by SHOAIB.ZAFAR 3 years ago 3

they keep on hacking into my account and using about 500 crystals a day. it is very hard for me to earn them back so can you plz help me get them back

please help me,somebody keeps logging into my account,i cant even be on it for 1 min without being logged straight out of it,each time I change my password and email address linked to my account,the hacker still seems to log straight back in,the person has deleted all my friends and used all my drugs and crystals


Make sure your account is not linked to Facebook, if it is, un-link it. Secondly change your password and link your account with an e-mail address if you haven't already.

It is a possibility that you have downloaded a spyware or keylogger through some scam site. I strongly recommend you to run a full system scan. Also remove the unknown applications from the programs list.

And get acquainted with this article: How to protect your account against phishers, scammers, hackers.