What is the gold box?

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The gold box is a bonus that is dropped during a battle. It awards the player 1000 crystals.
The Gold Box is a box who falls in the battle,if you take the Gold Box you will take 1000 crystals.
A Gold Box is a box that drops 20 seconds after the "Gold box will be dropped soon" notification. If you catch it, u will earn 1,000 crystals.

...or after the "Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's the SUPERBOX!" notification.

Then you get various rewards, as: 1000 crystals, 50000 crystals, a minute of immortality, or 48 hours of premium account. That gold box is dropped only during the April Fools event (1st April)

+ During special occasions the gold box might give you more crystals (e.g. 3000)
gold box is like a normal crystal box but has 1000 instead of 10
If you remember there are no crystal boxes in game and you are saying him a noob.Firstly have a look at yourself.
Excuse me kelly? YOu can't call him a noob as he might a tanker who has just RECENTLY been introduced to the game

PatrickL_2014, you can get information of gold boxes here

Gold Box is a box with 1 000 Crystals in it.
It drops more in high ranks.
When you see " Gold Box will be dropped soon " just search in the map the place where it is and try to catch it.

A Gold Box is, well, back then there was a normal Crystal Box that had 10 Crystals in it (you use Crystals to buy Hulls and Guns), then the Crystal Boxes had different amount such as 5,10,20,50,100. The amount of the boxes drop depends on the "Battle Fund", the more Crystals in the "Battle Fund" the higher the amount of Crystals are in the box. Then, the Crystal boxes got removed, FOREVER! The Crystal Boxes got added to the "Battle Fund". Ok, back to the Gold Box, when it say Gold Box Will Be Dropped Soon (in golden writing) the Gold Box will be dropped in 20 seconds. How to find the Gold Box? A Gold Box thing will (search the map for the thing) show on the ground (if you're in the right spot). The thing (on the ground) as a Golden Box and inside the box is a white Crystal. When you get the gold box, you get not 10 (like the normal Crystal Box), but 1000 CRYSTALS! The Gold Box will drop more in higher ranks. Have fun getting a Gold Box! ; )
Do we get the battle fund though?
The Gold box is 1000 Crystals in one box and sometimes in the holiday the Gold box be 1,000 or higher .
The goldbox is a drop box that drops randomly. The probability is 1/7000 (each time the fund increases). Every goldbox contains 1000 crystals (with the exception of special goldboxes). When a goldbox drops, there's is a siren and the words "Goldbox will be dropped soon" appear at the top of the screen. Then, 20 seconds after the siren, the goldbox falls. More info can be found here.
gold box is the more funny thing in the game :D
and its only 1000crystals :)
The gold box is a bonus that is dropped during a battle. It awards the player 1000 crystals.
You can simply search http://en.tankiwiki.com/Gold_Box here.

A box that credit 1000 crystals which will drop in any match any time(randomly). If you take more gold boxes then you can get good crystals to get good garage.

I think a gold box shold be rised 50 crystals for every rank you level up starting at warrant officer 1

and they should change the 1000 crystal sign to ???