when are the next sales?

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Hi, when are the next sales due and what will the discounts be?


You, me, and every other tanker out there will be equally surprised when a new sale is announced. No one has insight as to when a sale will take place beyond the information provided by the Administration, which usually arrives a few days before the actual sale takes place. Just keep your eyes peeled for new information about sales here Developers' News, and keep watching the weekly V-Logs.

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Guys I think it will be at tanki online's birtoday or the other holydays

I think there are sales at christmas
There is no Christmas Sale, only New Year.
  • I think next sales are in summertoo because it is a new season
i have no idea july 4th 5 th 9th?

true me too its going to be september tankers day december christmas january new year and feburary valentine
Are there any sales on 4th of July

The next sale is in September for Tankers Day.I'm afraid I don't know the exact date though.

yeah i think the same. The next sale is on September, TAnkers day. Not sure which date it is.
Lol why wont there be a sale for the American's? And everyone else? July 4th no?
I'm want to buy firebird m2, and i have the money,but i didn't know if is going to be a sale
is there a sale?????????
Soon, there will be a sale for Firebird Or Twins of 70% Discount
AND a big 50% Sale on Tankers Day 13th SEP
todays started gamescom and nothing could tanki give
In the V-Log it said on the whiteboard: Tanker's day: 13 September

You're welcome.
13 sept.....
be ready with a good sum of crystals
September 13 I Want Everything 50%, 2x Battle fund, and micro upgrades i want them to be 70% Plz Anounce Them In The Next V-Log

When the iron days sale tell me the date
13th Sep 2015 sales coming be ready !
I want 70% Sale on Kits :)
But I don't think it's possible
Now much is this Halloween sale this year (2015) ??????
On upcoming christmas there will be a SALE

on 9 may TO biggest sale

the next sale is HALLOWEEN SALE i hope theres a 5x battle fund and crys and 10000000 gold boxes and 99% discount on all turrets and hulls i hope ;)

my friends seems pretty confident about there being a 50% sale on 31 october 2015


halloween (hopefullly) if you're living on 20th october 2015.


Well, a Halloween sale has been confirmed!

Whoops, my mistake guys :(


(Philipino-marine) I don't think that will happen.

when will the iron days come???

the iron days are in may.

there does not need to be a calender because they already let you know of upcoming

events and sales on v-log

Will the new year sales this year be 50%off? I want to buy hornet M2!

there always been a %50% sale on Christmas/new years

Christmas Plz Make Everything 50% off with special gold boxes and a special christmas map i want twins M1 so exited for SALE

Yes. Christmas sale plz. I really enjoy playing tanki and I want to have more fun. Plz "Alternative Platform".


Hey guys,

The Christmas sale is between the 24th-25th December 2015

my birthday is june 1st there should be a sale on that day lol

I want to know if there is a christmas sale or not

how much is the discount rumored to be?

There are many rumours going about, some say there will be 50% as usual, some say 25% (which I don't believe because I don't think the new year sales will be any lower than the halloween discount which was 31%) So it's pretty much a waiting game :) Be patient, I thought they would say in the V-log, but they didn't, and I felt mad! They say the sales will be announced this week.

The sale on turrets is December 26th. 50% off shaft and freeze, 45% off hammer and ricochet, 40% off smoky, thunder, and twins, 35% off railgun and vulcan, 30% off firebird and isida.

The sale on hulls is December 27th. 50% off hunter, 45% off mammoth and titan, 40% off dictator, 35% off viking, and 30% off hornet and wasp.

When is the NEW YEAR SALE? that is christmas sale what about the NEW YEAR SALE


cuando esra el prosimo descuento

so after new year's when is the next sale???

it will be on birthday

Next celebrations will be on Valentine's Day (Feb 14th) and Iron Days (Feb 23rd).

when is the valentine sale?


we want 50% off MU and 70% off speed up

what will beon the valentine , Iron day and womens day


I hope the sales will be in vigking+iseda+hammer 50%

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