when is the tanki online birthday

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I want to know when tanki online's birthday is so i know when to start saving for the sale


Tanki Online's birthday is celebrated on the 4th of June.
Tanki Online's birthday is celebrated on the 4th of June.
4th of june and since last year it was their 5th birthday, they had 5000 Gold boxes, so this year is their 6t. So, that means, gold boxes valued at 6000!!!
will be there 50% or 25 % discount on tanki birthday ?

will there be any sale that is about 70% on turrents

On 6th June please we want 70% Disscount on turrets and Hull and gold box 8000 ànd unlimited supply pass I hope these all I can see in 4 th June 2016 THANK YOU!!!


we want 200000000 gold box and 90% discount on all turrets hulls and paints.In the 4 th of june 2016

sorry that you is a selping mistake plese forgive me


looking in to the future what if it was there 20 birthday 20,000 CRYSTALS OMG

i need to know when is the ranki birth i know now it is on 4 june!!! hoooo yeaa and gold value is 6000!!!

3 months to the birthday, lets pray for the 50% discounts

What kind of sale will there be for 2016 tanki birthday?

disconnts?, Or new updates?

We do not know that yet, I hope for sales 50% on Hornet Railgun, 45% on Viking ,Thunder, 40% Wasp, Firebird, 35% Viking and Thunder. 30% off All Paints. I hope this is true

what kind of sales will be in this birthday?

how much discount? gifts? gold?

Mostly 50% sales on different things. For example, All Hulls 50% off 4 june. then 50% off paints 6 june.I'd recommend you'd start saving early, otherwise you might get nothing at all. trust me, its happened before.

Yes, I also do that you know when there's a birthday to online tanks

i hope that on every sale there is 80% sale on each one if my dream become true i will request that my all friends come to play tanki online i have 48 friends in total and with classmates 28 i will ask them to play tanki online if my dream come rue of sale at 80%

I want unlimited supplies pass and premium paint forever, if game gives the discount then I'll buy the cry for purchasing. "Thank you"

I hope they have 50% sales on everything and they add the tournament mode.


I think we'll get something like 6000 goldboxes and 25~50% off... hopefully :)

so you know when the Tankis birhtday so i suggest you to buy only gun and one hull and upgrade it so you will be more stronger

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