Reporting A Player

proshihab209 4 years ago updated by Jay (Moderator) 2 months ago 31
When I'm trying to report a player, it says "Chat Command Failed" so i do it again, it still doesn't work, so i don't know what to do.


Make sure you type the nickname correct. Example: /vote Adequacy
Make sure you type the nickname correct. Example: /vote Adequacy

i need to report player( 26_TankiOnline)  is 

invisible \and iam sure 
That command only works during a battle, don't try it on main chat.
It depends on what you are reporting and on what terms. If you want to report a player for violating the chat rules, you should take a screenshot, upload it, post it in the Chat Violators section.
If you want to report a person for violating game rules, it is best to record a video of them violating the game rules. At least a minute video if they are hacking of some sort, but if they are multing it is best to use the /vote NICKNAME OF VIOLATOR and record a 5 minute video to show clear proof of the violation.
Note - the violator must be in the battle when you vote them, and you must stay there till the chat moderator comes and deals with the problem.
When im in battle, i report this player but it keeps saying chat command failed.

hello when you tell me how report?

how to report a fake reprter that wants to report me for no reson

You can't report such cases anymore. 

there are so many jump hacker that take gold then you report don,t report someone for no reason report if they do any hack in the game 

mr_destroyer is  hacker he want to report me but oi not hacker and he is 

If you see hacker in game, record a video and post it in Game violations section.

How to record a video?


i have recorded a video of a hacker. how to upload and where to repor

Make sure the video you recorded meets the requirements of the Game Violations Section rules, if it does, upload the video on Youtube and post it in the Game Violations section.

My friend needs help! ok so Noob_BG threated to ban my friend bowdoinboys cause Noob_GB asked for his password to his account (my friend said fake one) and now Noob_GB took video of comment to tr to ban bowdoinboys and he said if he don't give the password he will ban bowdoinboys. WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!?!?

Chat violations reports are no longer accepted on forum. He can not get your friend banned, but what your friend and Noob_BG did is ban able. You should NEVER share password with anyone even if it's fake. As for now, tell your friend to simply ignore Noob_BG, to do that,  right-click on his user-name and click on "Ignore". PLEASE DO NOT SHARE YOUR PASSWORD WITH ANYONE!

oOo_BartaKing_oOo he have shooting hack :3 please watch him :3 and banned

What if I report someone accidently who is not hacker then what happens?

Do i get banned then?


Before banning the players, the Battle Moderators crew will closely check the evidence you sent to them. If it's found that the person is a hacker then he will be banned or else nothing will happen.


There is This Guy hacking allot With Garage he used to be my friend but not anymore

player Sajanara lernd my pasword  plees band him

Amberdina he borrowed me his profile to use while he was away I ranked it up got 1 million crystals from containers then when he came back he changed his password deleted me as friend and he said he will bann my account because he knows my password

Sharing of accounts is strictly against the Games rules.

How to report a stolen account?

If your account has been stolen, contact Tech Support through this form.

Noty account, but my friend wanted to sell his account. And the buyer of the account scammed him. He doesn't want the account back. He just wants gis account get blocked. I got proofs too.