account block how to get back ?

almightyfailure 4 года назад обновлен MSI 7 месяцев назад 14
if my account is blocked is it possible to get it back?

Account is only blocked as a result of severe violations of Rules, so no, it is not possible to get it back.


plz read this I did nothing wrong to get banned the person to ban is derrick2012derrick


somone use hack on my account and my account was blocked do i hawe any chance to get my account back


Hello some one enterd my account and did third party of hack so i get banned but i dont know to hack my nickname abdullatif1885 <--- this account got banned


First you need to protect your account against these incidents, check out this article to know on how to do so: How to protect your account against hackers, phishers and scammers. Fill in this form for your lost account.

ihaveplay notwithhacknexttimeplzgivemy account admin


I've been blocked for "Fraud Attempts". According to help@tankionline.com, I had made refunds from my Paypal. I contacted Paypal and they clearly said that there had been no refunds made from *APL Publishing LTD (Tanki) and they provided me a written message on my Paypal account as proof. help@tankionline.com still didn't unblock me after I sent them the message. Then, they said that they had been charged with a 20$ charge back fee. So, without asking any questions, I sent 23$ to help@tankionline.com via Paypal, they're still keeping me blocked replying with the same copy pasted message "Unfortunately, account return is impossible." What is this?? I need to contact an Administrator, so I contacted TheHandOfWar#2474 on Discord, he's not accepting my friend request even though I PM'ed him on EN Tanki Online forum. 

Blocking my account was a big mistake. I spent over 600$ in Tanki Online in February, and in return, You blocked my account. 

Can anyone help me to get my account unblocked? Can I have a live chat with an Administrator? I'm not in a mood to contact help@tankionline.com now, they reply once in 5 days with the same message which is really frustrating. 

I hope at least This message helps.

If your account has been blocked and you think it was a mistake, use this form.

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