account block how to get back ?

almightyfailure 3 years ago • updated by MSI 1 year ago 11
if my account is blocked is it possible to get it back?

Account is only blocked as a result of severe violations of Rules, so no, it is not possible to get it back.


but tell me how can i get my acc back?


i was banned by mistake for hacking

plz read this I did nothing wrong to get banned the person to ban is derrick2012derrick

remember account is RyanBOIE

somone use hack on my account and my account was blocked do i hawe any chance to get my account back


You can contact Help Desk (help@tankionline.com)

Hello some one enterd my account and did third party of hack so i get banned but i dont know to hack my nickname abdullatif1885 <--- this account got banned

First you need to protect your account against these incidents, check out this article to know on how to do so: How to protect your account against hackers, phishers and scammers. Fill in this form for your lost account.