Double Crystal Card

Shadowstar_PRO 4 года назад обновлен Sia (Administrator) 3 года назад 2

Hey guys, I wanted to but $20 worth of crystals, since I didn't win anything from spending $30 on the craft a tank contest, but I didn't want to buy any until I got the double crystal card. I looked up why I haven't gotten one recently, and it said it was a daily gift, but I haven't even gotten a daily gift recently. How do I get the card, or why haven't I gotten the daily gift, if that is a thing. Also could I get a little bit of a discount as a consolation price, for spending about 12 hours and $30 on the contest, but didn't win anything? Thanks.



You can get Double Crystal Card as a daily gift randomly. On some days you get it, on others you don't.

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