Where is the gold box usually dropped?

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My name is Eyal and I wanted to know where are the gold boxes usually being dropped?
And is it always being dropped on one of the power-ups markings on the ground?


SHOAIB.ZAFAR 2 years ago

how do you get a test server code

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MarineMan2 3 years ago
The test servers are only open for mass testing when a huge player base is needed to test an update. Though otherwise testing is help privately only for Testers to take part in, this is why you were prompted to give an invite code, as only official Testers have it. To apply you must speak fluent Russian among other things, and may fill out the application here: Application.

How often do you get crystals as a daily reward?

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Scientist 3 years ago

Crystals can no more be obtained from daily gifts after the introduction of Daily Missions.



SHTAXX 3 years ago • updated by ARLE18 1 day ago 529
Hello, some players just find more fun in spoiling the game by pushing or blocking their team mates, is there any way to block or report them?

change of name

biatlon_FX 4 years ago • updated by sw-sw.ka 2 years ago 98
Hi can I change my username?
SHOAIB.ZAFAR 2 years ago

To change your nickname you must open the Application for paid nickname change and fill the fields with the respective answers. Before requesting the change, make sure that your new name isn't already taken (How to check nickname availability) and it doesn't break the Game Rules. Please note that the nickname should consist of at least 3 symbols.

Now a here are a few commonly asked questions:

Q: How much is the service?
A: It costs 100 000 crystals.

Q: Does the service maintain all my account information and garage items?
A: Yes, only 100 000 crystals will be taken from your wallet. Everything else, so experience, rating, and tanks and guns in the garage, stay the same.

Q: Does the service clean my karma?
A: No, all your violations and the account history are still there.

Q: Does the service change my password as well?
A: No, it will still be the same until you change it.

Q: Does my nickname in the forum and Help Site change too?
A: Yes.


why is one kill reduced when we self destruct

yash940 4 years ago • updated by ukras001 11 months ago 92
when we self destruct why is one kill reduced?
i mean we have got no choice rather than to self destruct when our tank get upside down and its not us who knowingly gets flipped up sometimes other tankers also flip us please i want to know the reason behind it (no offence ) . and am i the first one to post a question ?

Promo Codes

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I went to SHOP and saw there was option for PROMO CODES and then went to Youtube Searching for how to get them and just saw that we can get it in STREAM TO channel in their livestream and we have chances of getting PROMO CODE but then just realized that the whole channel is in RUSSIAN Language. So, there is no way a person can get PROMO CODES if he cannot understand RUSSIAN???

Hurts 1 year ago


Here is Official Tanki YouTube channel.


my tank does not effect on anyone

abhi1692002 4 years ago • updated by poocheyeena 11 months ago 136
when i start a battle first i kill 1 or 2 then my attack does not effect on anyone why
MarineMan2 4 years ago
After two weeks of helpful content and responses, the topic poster has failed to reply with an update as to what is working and what is not. I believe all that could be said, has been said. Look below for the best suited solutions.

Who is Godmode_ON?

jailbreak_2014 4 years ago • updated by 78190-facebook78 4 months ago 82
Who is Godmode_ON, developer or something other?
MarineMan2 4 years ago
The rumors about Godmode_ON are numerous and no one truly has any clear insight as to who he is. This particular player is a shifty character with a special paint that only he possesses, and can only be found in Death Matches. If you'd like to discuss the matter further, please check this topic out: Godmode's appeal.

is twins effective in higher ranks

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MarineMan2 4 years ago
I apologize, but this site is not for opinion based questions or discussions. Presently, all the turrets and hulls in the game are fairly well balanced, and the developers make tweaks to their parameters when a new change suddenly makes a particular turret or hull over-powered, or under-powered. If you would like to continue discussing this, I'd strongly encourage you to check this topic out: Let's discuss Twins!.