How to post a help topic?

When facing a problem~

#1 - First of all, if you're viewing this topic, you at the very least are on the right track. Secondly, in regards to your issue, it's likely that your problem is not unique, and has probably already been answered. So please, before you create a new topic:

  1. Take a moment to use the search feature that is on the main page of this site.

  2. Check the Tanki Online Wiki.

#2 - If you are unable to find the solution to your issue and have decided to make a topic on it, then:

  1. Click on  + Ask a question  and select a topic type from the dropdown menu. Pick accordingly - whether your topic is about a question or a problem.

  2. Give your topic the most informative title possible, not simply 'Problem!' or 'Help!'.
  3. Describe your concern as detailed as possible, and if feasible, also attach a screenshot regarding it. Uninformative messages such as 'I get an error!' won't help us understand what your issue is and will just slow down the process of resolving it.
  4. If your problem is technical (not financial or organizational), please include the following in your topic:

    a. The version of your operating system (OS), browser, version of Flash Player and anti-virus software.

    b. Method (ADSL, WiFi, cable, etc.) and speed of Internet connection.
    c. If the Internet connection comes via a router (and/or modem) - mention its model.

  5. If you're complaining about low FPS in the game or delays in the interface, you may also add:

    d. The type of processor (full information if possible) and its operating frequency.
    e. The amount of RAM.
    f. The model of the graphics card and its driver version.
    g. Your screen resolution.

Note: For any bugs/glitches, it is best to record a video and upload it in the topic so that the video may be forwarded to the developers if needed.

A few things to bear in mind~

Once you have posted a topic, it will be hidden until a Help Site Consultant reviews it. It could be published only if the issue is original and has not been asked before. If it is not clear or has been asked before, the topic may be deleted.

  1. Avoid writing to the Moderators in any kind of PM, you'll find your answer more easily and sooner if posted here.
  2. Do not repeat answers already given by others. Topics must be kept as clean as possible. And for those who are trying to help - it's great that you like to help out a fellow Tanker, however, if you don't know or are unsure of the exact answer/solution, simply DO NOT reply; DO NOT give wrong information.
  3. Once your issue has been resolved, please indicate it in the topic so a Help Site Consultant may close it.
  4. If you have a serious issue and would like to contact Technical Support, do it using this form.

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