Standalone Flash Player

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Launched as a separate application and doesn't depend on any other browser, excluding Internet Explorer as Flash Player uses the browser's cache. Because of this it is advised to set the IE cache to at least 500 megabytes. Not having to run through the unnecessary side applications of web browsers, the game typically runs more smoothly using the Flash player on most players' computers.Currently there are no major problems or performance issues while using Standalone Flash Player for playing Tanki Online.

Unfortunately, joining a specific battle with a link is not possible on Standalone Flash Player


Plus.pngWorks faster.
Plus.pngThere is no need in keeping the browser open.
Minus.pngLinks to battles (including links to private battles) don’t work, but this is insignificant in most cases.
Minus.pngLinks to websites of payment systems don’t work – for this it is better to use a browser.
Minus.pngYou need to close and re-open the Flash Player in order to to re-enter the game.

Sequence of actions

Download the program:

Launch it:
Go to File -> Open -> Paste a link for Standalone Flash Player.

After you enter a link for the first time it is saved in the File menu within the program.

server №Link
EU 1

EU 2

EU 3

EU 4

EU 5

EU 6

EU 7

EU 8

EU 9

EU 10

EU 11

EU 12

EU 13

EU 14

EU 15

EU 16

EU 17

EU 18

EU 19

EU 20

EU 21

EU 22

EU 23

EU 24

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